About Us

Neogen Diagnostik started its activities in 2021 as a result of many years of experience gained in leading and  multinational diagnostic companies driving medical device industry. The founder of Neogen Diagnostics, who acts with the philosophy of respect for the environment, people and all other living things, is a Molecular Biologist. He combines his experience of more than 20 years, of which he has been a senior manager in multinational foreign medical companies for the last 18 years, with an academic point of view. Neogen Diagnostik aims to deliver the most perfect products to healthcare providers and researchers with its experience and relationships based on trust.


In this context, Neogen Diagnostics is aware of the fact that the needs of each country are different from each other and undertakes to bring innovation and value-based approach together with local needs in a balanced way, to provide a unique service in parallel with technological developments while producing solutions to unmet needs with the products it provides.

People Oriented

To spread the corporate culture that values ​​people not only in terms of customers but also in terms of employees in every service produced and every benefit provided.


Providing patients with access to innovative value-based diagnostic tools so that they can lead a healthier and more comfortable life


To be a stakeholder that produces solutions in research projects with innovative technologies for a cleaner, more efficient and sustainable environment.